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Welcome To A Way To Help Brand Your Song And Get More Exposure!

  • It's hard to get people excited about your song when you can't get enough exposure for it.
  • Radio stations will never promote your song right after it plays which is big for branding.
  • How much time do spend each day or week just promoting your music on social media?
Promote Your Gospel Song In The Spotlight

Because I'm a music producer, I know how hard it is to get momentum on a new song release. It has been my vision to provide a platform to help others like me! That's why I created this!

This Has Been Used By 450+ Gospel Recording Artist And Here's Some Real Proof!

Below is a scrolling banner of artist who have used this promotion for their song. Many have done it several times. This promotion is a an awesome promotion but continue reading to see why.

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For the first time a radio station is willing to do something many others will never do. Help you brand your song.

Promote Your Song To Masses Of People!

"Exposure is the key to getting momentum when promoting anything."

Dear friend,

For about the cost of a value meal you can get daily exposure of your gospel song lasting for several days or more!

Getting air play on (WNIA Gospel Radio) is always free but with a playlist of over 6,000 songs you may not get as much exposure. On average the station can play up to 300+ songs in a 24 hour period so the competition for exposure can be fierce. 

The Gospel Song Spotlight not only makes sure you get the extra plays you need but it is also a commercial because you get something the other songs that play don't get... a voice tag! 

A voice tag is when the announcer talks about your song to the listening audience as to who you are and where your song can be purchased or downloaded. This happens each time your song is spotlighted! VERY POWERFUL!

A voice tag is powerful because if I'm hearing your song for the first time and it really speaks to me and my current situation, I don't have to search for it or email the station to find out about the song and artist because right after it plays, the announcer is going to TELL ME WHO YOU ARE AND THE NAME OF THE SONG AND WHERE I CAN GO TO BUY IT!!! 

This is what makes the WNIA Gospel Radio Gospel Song Spotlight so unique, different and powerful.

Your song will be added into a special spotlight rotation and at the bottom of every hour Monday through Friday a spotlight song will be chosen to be spotlighted. All of this is in addition to your song being played already in our regular rotations, so you will get played. In most cases everyday.

We Aim To Deliver Quality Promotions
To Get Real Results

Every Spotlight Song Is Posted To Our Twitter Page To 11,000+ Followers!

Check out these actual Twitter screen shots! @NiaRadioNetwork

 Imagine your song details being pushed to 11,000 + people 50 times over a few days at various times of the day and night drawing attention to your song!!

This Promotion Works Around The Clock For You!

Basically every time your song is spotlighted, it's tweeted! A very powerful double whammy promotion!

Here's What Happens...

  • You get 50 Spotlights. 
    A spotlight is when we put all the focus on your song in a very unique way.
  • Each spotlighted song is heard on the station and tweeted at the same time.
    Not only will our listeners hear your song, but our followers will see your song and know that it's being spotlighted.
  • Each spotlight comes with a live tag promotion.
    Right after your song plays, the station announcer will tell the listeners who you are, the name of your song and where to buy it.
  • You get guaranteed airplay.
    Since our daily playlist is huge, this promotion gets you more exposure outside your regular airplay. Your song if accepted will also be in regular rotation on the station.

Welcome to the
Gospel Song Spotlight!

One way to solve your exposure problem is use a promotion designed to get you more exposure!

With the Gospel Song Spotlight you get exposed to listeners from all over the world both over the radio and in Twitter! All at the same time! This promotion has brought life to songs that had no momentum other than sitting on a shelf and your gospel song deserve more that. Plus, you can get all of this for one low price!

  1. Get Guaranteed Airplay: with a daily playlist of 6,000 plus songs this puts you above the rest.
  2. Get more attention to your song: when your song is spotlighted, it is given more attention by telling the audience details about your song.
  3. Get massive social exposure: every time your song is spotlighted, it is pushed to Twitter along with your album cover to help brand it.
  4. Get 50 spotlights: your song will be spotlighted fifty times to help give you a lot exposure!
Gospel Song Spotlight

Get 50 Spotlights for Only $79.95 $49.95

For a very affordable cost you can do something good, positive and proven to work for your song marketing and promotion efforts! Do what 450+ other gospel artist have done and get your song into the Gospel Song Spotlight!

Promote Your Gospel Song In The Spotlight

Roderick Carter
Creator of the Gospel Song Spotlight

About the Author

Roderick has been writing, producing, recording music for over 30 years. He started an online radio station in 2005 and has been helping artist get more exposure by providing a professional platform for the world to learn about and enjoy the artist.

He has also developed marketing and promotional strategies utilizing broadcast software and web applications to further promote music and the artist that create it. His methods and techniques are often ahead of what is currently going on and he has successfully helped many artist reach a larger audience, obtain more fans and boost their efforts.